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Custom Multifunction Lead

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These multifunction leads can be used to walk your pup in a variety of ways: attach the trigger snap to the first d-ring for a standard lead, attach to the sliding o-ring and wear over the shoulder or around the waist to go hands-free, make a double leash by attaching one trigger snap to each dog, or easily tie your dog to a post by attaching a trigger snap to any attachment point. 
Made of genuine Biothane material which looks and feels just like leather, these multifunction leads are gentle and flexible all while being waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-proof. Unlike leather, Biothane will not fade or fall apart over time and is much easier to clean, making these leads perfect for any adventure.
These leads are 8ft in length. All multifunction leads come with trigger style snaphooks, a sliding o-ring for adjustment, and heavy-duty d-rings for attachment points. 
All leads are finished with metal hardware in your finish choice and our custom branding.